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Microprism Optics supports and facilitates improvement in vision, mind and body health.

Delivering unique prescription Microprism glasses for clear, easy vision for every task, our aim in vision care is to activate, integrate and motivate people to do what they need to with freedom and confidence.

We assess and treat eye health and vision in a holistic, integrated way. The eyes are examined together in normal lighting conditions with respect to mind and body. Dynamic lens and prism configurations are prescribed to support vision and related mind and body insufficiencies. These specific lens and prism combinations encourage eye muscle movement and redirection, so that over time vision can improve and prescriptions reduce.

Whilst Microprism lens formulations support and facilitate eye muscle movement, the optical, motor and sensory systems can be activated to change. Lenses focus the detail and clarity of any object at any given distance and directional prisms relocate the space and timing of what is being focussed on. Together the lenses and prisms can change eye muscle function, position, shape and subsequently vision. Distance, near, perspective and astigmatic issues are treated simultaneously to help bring eye position, vision, mind and body function into ease and correct alignment. Each Microprism lens is uniquely derived and manufactured for each patient.

Redirecting visual inabilities and fixed patterns using Microprism can allow vision improvement and lower prescriptions. Our prescription eyeglasses worn daily, are non-invasive eye training tools that help the wearer do daily tasks with ease and have their eyes exercised consciously and subconsciously to improve vision at the same time. They are eye exercises which require no rigorous conscious daily commitment but work whilst they are worn.

Dr Michael Christian is an Integrative Optometrist who has been pioneering QOO (Quantum Ophthalmic Optics) for over twenty years.

Balancing and working the two eyes, mind and body together creates a powerful integrative adjustment using optimal light. Changing how the eye muscles work also has a positive flow on effect to the rest of the mind and body. Not only are the eyes focused but also body posture, balance and movement. This allows vision and body to work well together whatever the activity at hand, with the freedom to encourage improved function.