Appointment Fees

Appointments can be partly bulk-billed (depending on age, location and when patient last visited optometrist).

First Appointment (no direct bulk billing) $160 (For international patients or patients with no medicare card)

First Appointment (in addition to direct bulk billing) $120

Follow Up Subsequent Appointment (in addition to direct bulk billing) $100

Follow Up Subsequent Appointment (10918 claimable) $130. (Part of this consult charge can be reimbursed by medicare by submitting patient receipt once fully paid)

Extended Integration Appointment $90 - $160 depending on time required

Retinal Camera $50

Corneal Topography $30

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) $70

Retinal Camera and OCT $100

HICAPS is also available for payment. All children, students, pensioners, concession holders receive 10% off lenses and frames.

Frames & Lenses

Premium progressive lenses (inclusive of microprism and coating)

1.5 index - high Index (to reduce thickness of lens) $610 - $740

Transitions extra $130

All progressive lenses at Microprism Optics are unique. Each lens that has prism is recalculated for its exact positioning and effect in the lens using a specially designed prism calculator.

These lenses are digitally surfaced enhanced to reduce visual aberrations that shouldn’t be there, for example, off-axis astigmatism and blur.

Since March 2013, Varilux S Design lenses have been introduced. They reduce peripheral distortion and allow much wider gaze dynamics. Patient adaptation to these lenses has been most favourable.

Ground single vision lenses (non-stock/standard) including microprism

Uncoated $200

Coated $340

1.59 index and coated $410

1.67 high index and coated $420


Wide selection of quality frames $100 - $700

Clip-ons $80 - $160

Contact Lenses

Disposable $160

Bitoric custom made lenses $420

Ortho-K lenses $620

Crizal Forte UV anti-reflective coating $140

Helps reduce glare, scratches, is anti-reflective, and stops internal reflections, so light transmission is optimal through the lens to the eye. UV protection is also included. This stops 100% UV and UV reflected from the inside of the lens.

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