Prismatic Integration

We value and respect your decision to purchase your new prescription glasses from Microprism Optics. Part of the process of ensuring good, clear vision and adaptation to your new lenses is the dynamic prismatic integration process, which uses lenses and specific movements of prisms (flippers) and prism bars, in front of your new glasses to ensure exact alignment. This process is carried out on collection of your new script from our premises.

Prismatic integration, when done correctly, allows for an ease of vision and the various parts of the visual system to become more harmonised with each other. The ability to regulate visual processing is easier. Prismatic Integration realigns the visual system and brings back the visual posture you had at the time of your initial or subsequent follow-up consultations, at which your script was determined. It also helps adaptation to progressive lenses.

This is important, as after your initial or subsequent consultations with Dr Michael, your visual system, while in transition, can switch back to its old patterns based on experience, habit and wearing your old glasses. A person can be locked into a way of seeing which can make adaptation to the new form of prescription difficult. A prismatic integration is a reset and eye work up using light at both conscious and subconscious levels.

Even if you feel you see reasonably well by just putting your new glasses on yourself, you may be missing a small part of the clearer vision that could be obtained if you had experienced the prismatic integration. It is also important that the frame is adjusted and sitting correctly on your face. Understandably, coming to collect your prescription can be difficult for people from far-away places, but please call our practice and ask to speak to Dr Michael if you suspect any difficulty in adapting to your new lenses and he will endeavor to help via a call or Skype session.

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