Focusing Potentiality – A Paradox of Focusing Ultra Blur

March 19, 2018
The obvious process to focus patients is to focus what we perceive to be reality. It is considered that the job is done when a patient can see clearly after the use of clinical refraction. This has been done for at least two centuries like this.

Even though there have been advances during this time so that vision can be clearer and more comfortable inclusive of new lens designs, we are limited to the “reality” realm that we have become accustomed to on a conscious level.

What we consciously see is what we may call actuality or even reality. This is indeed a very linear process. It is only taking into account what we process on a conscious level of only 40 to 60 bits of information. So it is very limited in access to new possibilities. There is a maintaining of the status quo with the information we are dealing with.

Now consider the subconscious level of processing information. Have a guess how much is processed per second. It is certainly not 40 to 60 bits of information. It far exceeds this level…. One guesstimate that has credence is over 400,000,000,000 + per second that is 400 billion +.

That being the case, there must be an intricate order of overlay of systems both linear and non linear that consciously or more unconsciously go about their business keeping us alive, so that we can get on with the conscious things of life, not even concerned about all the regulatory mechanisms of maintaining health. So why this consideration?

If we are only concerned with conscious events, we do ourselves a disservice. Subconscious dynamics are the realm of possibility. When integrated with conscious directives of interest, this is when the surprises occur.

The realm of quantum physics applied to health care is about possibilities becoming new manifestations. This is the realm where non linearity can affect linearity with remarkable outcomes. So how do we affect the subconscious domain that it becomes more connected to the conscious domain?

Firstly we have to think in terms of complementary. Just as light is a wave it is also a particle based on viewing conditions. These are fully complementary. So, if we consider distance vision that needs attending to, for a good dynamic balance, close up vision requires its complementary coherence. Let’s take this further to consciousness where we focus on matter, which is composed of myriads of particles to make sense of. What about subconsciousness ? Could this be the focus of non matter in space but rather time, that is not linear, or moreover longitudinal in wave nature, that is the realm of potentiality? That this coexistence in the unseen realm can affect the seen realm? Lots of questions as you can see.

"This sounds very paradoxical, to focus blur and in the scheme of common practice, sounds absurd."

In essence, when we focus potentiality with respect to actuality, we are focusing deep to ultra deep defocus. This sounds very paradoxical, to focus blur and in the scheme of common practice, sounds absurd. However when a certain point of deep defocus is achieved, remarkable experiences from patients are brought to expression. It is as though a stillness of being is achieved that I call the quantum still-point of dynamic (QSD). Some patients go into a deep meditative state, others are perfectly still, or a serene sense of peace ensues. At this very moment, the access to the subconscious domain is available. This is where the expression of the scalar realm is allowed to bring forth its qualities that can be manifested into what we know as space time continuum. It is also at this point of potentiality that habituation has the possibility to change into new manifestation.

Every step of this process is felt by the patient where prism is inserted or removed in the test frame after various movements are elicited from the body in a focally blurred state to bring the body into a new dynamic equilibrium after which time all blurring lenses are removed and the patient experiences a new focused reality or actuality. In other words, the focusing of potentiality springboards into new actuality. Invariably patients are delighted as visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, colour saturation, spatial context, depth perception amongst other visual processes become more harmonious.

"patients are delighted as visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, colour saturation, spatial context, depth perception..."

The focusing of potentiality is non invasive. It does not force but rather supports new visual possibilities to come forward. Even though a patient may through the process feel shifts and changes throughout the body, a new interaction between conscious and subconscious domains establishes itself for more conducive focus of vision, mind and body.

This emergent process of Focusing Potentiality gives perfect complementarity to the focus of space time reality as it allows change in the affirmative that is experienced by patients to empower their vision both literally and metaphorically.

Steps are now underway to be able to measure changes in brain wave activity as the QSD is accessed and changes in visual perception take place. The neuro-biosciences community will then have real time evidence as to how lens and prism in the appropriate application of these elements affect vision, intent and motivation and subsequent physiological interrelationships.

This quantum relationship of potentiality and actuality focuses new meaning into people’s lives and allows untold potential that may be dormant to express itself with healthy purpose.

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About The Author:

Dr Michael Christian, BSc (Hons), BSc (Optom) IMD PhD is a Holistic Integrative Optometrist who has been pioneering QOO (Quantum Ophthalmic Optics) for over twenty years. He recently completed his PhD on Quantum Ophthalmic Optics - Focusing Vision, Mind and Body awarded from the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM) 2014.

Dr Christian treats patients from his clinic Microprism Optics in South Yarra, Melbourne

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